Access & Transport Equipment


Our team can modify your work or family vehicle to allow easy wheelchair access.

At MMS, we install cutting-edge access solutions to make entering and exiting your vehicle much easier. Our hoist and crane systems are suited to cars, caravans, vans, 4WDs and a range of other vehicles (including farm and earthmoving equipment). The access systems we install can be controlled with the push of a button and will allow occupants or carers to transfer passengers from the wheelchair and into the vehicle safely and more easily. To find out more about our services, please contact us today.

Boot wheelchair hoist in Holden Captiva


To help gain easy and rapid wheelchair access into vehicles, our team can install electric lifts and loaders systems. We can also fit ramps and custom made grab rails for added security. Our rates are very competitive and we only install equipment from trusted brands with proven performance and durability. At Mobility Mods, we also offer servicing and repairs to all of your mobility equipment.

Installation Servicing

Wheelchair Loader in Mercedes Sprinter


At Mobility Modification Services, we install efficient and affordable lifting aids from acclaimed Australian brand Wymo. Wymo lift systems will allow you to access your vehicle with greater ease, as well as store your wheelchair on the roof of your vehicle.



We sell portable car access systems from leading brand IBIS. With the push of a button, the IBIS access system will allow the wheelchair to be lifted into the passenger seat of your car or 4WD.

Bruno AWL150 wheelchair hoist


By installing a scooter rack for your vehicle, you can transport your mobility scooter to wherever you want to go. Our scooter rack installations are rapid, affordable and will allow you to enjoy greater mobility freedom.


With the swivelling turning seat, you can transfer in and out of your vehicle without needing to worry about uncomfortable and dangerous maneuvering. Our turny seats are adjustable and both manual and electric options are available, depending on your needs and vehicle type.


The fully automatic Stow Away system from leading brand Bruno allows the easy transfer of wheelchairs into and out of your vehicle. No structural modifications are necessary for the Stow Away system to be installed.


We can handle all aspects of transferring the number plates for your new vehicle. Our staff are compassionate and always happy to answer any questions you may have.


The Chariot lift system from Bruno allows you to transport your unoccupied scooter or power chair behind your vehicle. With it’s easy, button-activated operation and independent suspension, the Chariot will allow you to transport your mobility aids without unnecessary hassle.

Bruno Chariot


At Mobility Modification Services, we can install ramps for easy wheelchair access. To find out more about our ramp installation services, contact us today.

Caddy Conversion


At Mobility Modification Services, we can install affordable custom made grab rails to suit your vehicle and allow passengers to enter the vehicle more securely and confidently. We will ensure your vehicle is equipped to allow maximum comfort and ease of entry and exit.

Safety Grab Rails in Commuter side entry


The handy carbar is a simple handle that can be rapidly installed to provide additional support when you enter and exit your vehicle. installing a carbar is affordable and requires no additional car modifications.


Our staff are 100% committed to giving you the easiest access possible to your vehicle. We can install manual or electric steps that fold out or cassette style steps to the driver/passenger door of your vehicle to allow easier access.

Manual Fold down Step Max 200kg_ side enry