Auxiliary Mirrors

To improve your field of vision when you drive, our team can install auxiliary mirrors to your side mirrors. These mirrors can help eliminate blind spots and allow you to drive with added confidence.

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Wide Rear-View Mirrors

Like the auxiliary mirrors, our wide view mirrors can help increase your field of vision and allow you to control your vehicle with greater ease.

Caddy Storage Systems

We offer vehicle storage solutions through Caddy Storage Systems. MMS supplies and installs a wide variety of storage solutions to suit your vehicle. If you are a tradie wanting to organise your tools or simply looking to tidy up your van, give us a call. We can provide you with accessories or the fitout that you require.

Roof Racks

If you are looking for a simple and affordable solution for transporting your wheelchair or other mobility aids, our roof racks may be the perfect solution. We will provide the right roof rack for your car or 4WD.

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Reverse Cameras & Parking Sensors

Take the guesswork out of parking your vehicle with our efficient reverse cameras and parking sensors. At Mobility Modification Services, we are committed to helping you drive as safely as possible.


The simple, affordable and easy-to-use carbars we offer will allow you to enjoy greater stability when entering and exiting your vehicle. Carbars can be fitted easily to your vehicle without extensive modifications being required.

Grab-it & Reach Tools

These easy-to-use tools will allow you to reach and bring down objects from high cupboards and other raised areas. They are extendable, and will eliminate the need for standing on objects to retrieve items.

Pool Access Lifts

With our pool access lifts, you can transfer comfortably in and out of your swimming pool by simply sitting in a chair and letting the mechanism do the work.

Restraint Boxes

At MMS, we custom build lockable restraint boxes to hold restraint systems/straps securely while not in use.

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