At Mobility Modification Services, we are all about empowering you to live life to the fullest!

At Mobility Modification Services, we offer a range of mobility and vehicle conversion services to empower you to overcome challenges to mobility, making it easier for you to get around. Our friendly team provide advice on vehicle access equipment, driving controls, and a wide range of vehicle modifications. From wheelchair hire vehicles, to mobility equipment and complete vehicle conversions, Mobility Modification Services provides comprehensive solutions for people living with physical challenges. Come say hello at our Townsville location!


Wheelchair hire vehicle Townsville


Let us help you equip your vehicle to accommodate the needs of people in wheelchairs. We provide full van conversions for commercial or private vehicles. To find out more about our mobility & vehicle modification, give us a call today!

Lodgesons spinner Knob Grip Wireless Keypad in Toyota Rav4


For clients who have difficulty driving with their feet, we can get you behind the wheel using hand controls to operate the accelerator and brake pedal. We will ensure you get the control system that best suits you and your vehicle. Call us to discuss your need for driving controls, mobility or vehicle modification, we’ll find the best option that suits you.

Wheelchair hire vehicle Townsville


We have four wheelchair modified vehicles for hire or lease. Perfect for when your car is being serviced or you are visiting from out of town! Ring us today to check out the availability.

Mobility Scooters, Townsville


We only stock the most reliable and robust brand of mobility scooters to ensure you have a no fuss and durable purchase. We stock portable, 3-wheelers and 4-wheeler scooters. Come into our showroom to test one out today.

Commerical van conversion


Need to increase your seat capacity? Maybe you have an older car and don’t have the right restraint points for your child’s car seat… We can help you out!

NDIS, National Disability Insurance Scheme

Mobility Modification Services in an approved NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provider under the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency)

We are certified distributors/dealers for Stratos Seating Systems, Techsafe, Fadiel Italiana, QStraints, Braun, Bruno, IBIS Lifts, Kivi, RB Systems, Guidosimplex, Lodgesons and more. Call us today to find out how we can help you.