Driving Controls

Driving Controls

We install a wide range of driving controls to assist drivers with restricted mobility to drive safely, confidently and comfortably. Our range includes the most innovative controls on the market. Call Ross today to discuss our range and the right option for you.

Driving control modifications

Hand Controls

For clients who have difficulty driving with their feet, we can get you behind the wheel using hand controls to operate the accelerator and brake pedal. All of our controls are thoroughly tested and we will ensure you get the control system that best suits you and your vehicle. Call us to discuss our range and find the best option that suits you.



Electronics Radials

Driving controls


At Mobility Mods, we stock spinner knobs that assist people steer their vehicle with more ease and security. We offer manual as well as a variety of electric spinners including internationally acclaimed Lodgesons wireless keypad controls.Contact us or drop in to have a look at our range and discuss the best spinner for you.


Mono Spin


C & U Type


Lodgesons Spinners

Easy Spin RF 360

RB Spinner

Signal mobility modifications

Dual Controls

Thinking of starting a driving school or adding to your fleet? Mobility Modification Services will get you on your way with rod and cable dual control systems. All of our controls are reliable and efficient. Our installations are thoroughly tested and we will ensure you receive the control system that best suits your vehicle, as well as your specific needs. Ross prides himself on providing a neat “factory finish” you will be happy with.



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At Mobility Modification Services, we install a range of accelerator options including Ghost Rings, Over & Under Ring and Satellite Accelerators. These accelerators allow one to control the accelerator with devices placed on or behind the steering wheel. Call us today to find out more about accelerators and which one would suit you best.

Ghost Ring

Over & Under Ring

Satellite Accelerators

Vehicle pedal modifications


Our team can fit specialised indicator systems for your vehicle, allowing you to operate your vehicle safely and with confidence. Remote indicator switches and indicator switch boxes for hand control are available.

Indicators Extension

Indicators Switch Box for Hand Control

Remote Indicator Switches

Steering wheel mobility modification

Hand/Park Brake

At Mobility Modification Services, we can extend your hand brake for greater ease of use. We can also install electric hand break systems for easy parking.

Electric Hand Brake


Park brake extension

Foot Controls

At Mobility Mods, we install flip-up left foot accelerators, pedal extensions and duck clutches to help people with limited use of their feet to drive safely and confidently. All installations are thoroughly tested for efficiency and safety, so you can drive with confidence. Call us today, to discuss the right one for you.

Left Foot Accelerator

Pedal Extensions

Duck Clutch

Foot pedal modification