Vehicle Conversions



Whether you drive a taxi or a van that transports passengers around town, it is vital to make sure it is equipped to accommodate the needs of people in wheelchairs. At Mobility Modification Services, we can provide a full vehicle conversions, where we can install a plywood floor, cover it with heavy duty vinyl, install wheelchair loader/lift, custom made grab rails and restraint boxes to store restraint systems when not in use. To find out more about our van conversions, give us a call today!

Wheelchair vehicle conversions options:

  • Taxis
  • Community Organisation Transport
  • Private Vehicle Conversions
  • Wheelchair restraints

Below is a list of some of our specific vehicle conversions:

Protective Barrier in Toyota Rav4 - taxi
Barriers (Cargo & Protective)

At Mobility Mods, we install custom-made and engineer-certified protective barriers to enable safe travel for both drivers and passengers.

Safety Grab Rails in Commuter side entry
Grab Rails

At Mobility Modification Services, we can install affordable custom made grab rails to suit your vehicle and allow passengers to enter a vehicle more securely and confidently. We will ensure your vehicle is equipped to allow maximum comfort and ease of entry and exit.

jump seat
Seat Capacity Modifications

At Mobility Mods, we can modify your taxi, van or shuttle bus to better accommodate the needs of people with disabilities or increase the number of seats available in your vehicle. Our seat capacity modifications will allow passengers to enjoy substantially greater comfort and safety when travelling in your vehicle.

Wheelchair lifter rear window modification
Windows Modification

Our staff can install window glass to vans and other vehicles as required.